Dependable and responsive

Dependable and responsive 150 150 spaceoneid

…It was the first time we had used an interior designer, and I must say it was a very pleasant experience working with you. One of the things we like best was your dependability. Your…

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Ecstatic and delighted!

Ecstatic and delighted! 150 150 spaceoneid

…what impress us was your promptness in replying to our doubts and queries. On the unveiling day, we were all ecstatic and delighted to see the finishing touches that you have added to create the…

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Our home was “more charming than the St. Regis hotel”

Our home was “more charming than the St. Regis hotel” 150 150 spaceoneid

…We really must compliment you on your artistic and stylistic taste. Not only did you manage to pick good color schemes and unique furnishing for the rooms, but you were also able to integrate practicality…

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Meticulous and thoughtful!

Meticulous and thoughtful! 150 150 spaceoneid

…we hope that you can continue to be as meticulous and thoughtful as you are now, and continue to be the designer who thinks like the owner because I believe that’s what sets you apart…

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Out of the box thinking

Out of the box thinking 150 150 spaceoneid

…From conceptualization, to execution, to post completions follow up, every step of the way was very meticulously carried out. Your bespoke designs and out of the box thinking are perhaps what sets Spaceone ID apart…

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Your knowledge & experience was invaluable!

Your knowledge & experience was invaluable! 150 150 spaceoneid

…Thank you for your commitment, hard work and dedication you put in…Your knowledge & experience was invaluable. Most important, the after-sales service you provide is truly professional…

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